“The earth is a planet that contains living things; I am a planet that contains living dreams! The earth revolves around the sun; I revolve around my passion!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

Plantae Paradise Order Update

All Orders till   #G2028 received upto 15 Jan19 ,  have been dispatched as on date.  (You do get individual intimations too). Please note that we have weekly shipping only (Tuesdays) for all orders received up-to Sunday night. 

Shipping Charges for Media, Substrates and Soils etc

Shipping charges !@#$%^&!!!!! . Yes, we know it is a sore point ! They tend to be a bit high for low cost products like media especially so when bought in small quantities.

But here is the Good News :-  We have incorporated the discount made available to us  by shipping agencies for bulk  shipping  into our billing and have further added small discounts on planting media if purchased in slightly larger quantities. 

Sometimes , two or more shipping options and rates will be shown for your address, you can select the one you trust or the one you find pocket friendly.  Click on button Change  located below checkout. 



flat fee mls All Cards and Net Banking acceptable through PayU gateway.