• All plants and products sold by this website are meant for horticultural use only. We do not advocate use of these plants for Medicine/ Ayurveda / herbal purposes. They are meant to be used as a hobby only.
  • Our plants are not edible so take due precautions, if you feel there is a danger of any pet or child ingesting them. Some plants have natural defence mechanisms like spines or thorns or toxicity. We advise you to handle such plants with due precaution and keep them safe from pets and children.
  • We guarantee that our cactus and other spiny or thorny plants do not bring any negative influence or negative energy or bad luck as advocated by certain superstitious beliefs and people.
  • Shipping
    • Service Employed. We ship by DTDC / FEDEX only. In case you do not have DTDC / FEDEX service at your delivery address we will send plants by Speed Post . If Post Office does not accept your address for Speed Post, then the next best service offered by the post office will be opted for. Please mention so while booking your order. Please ensure you spell your district correctly for speed post service.
    • Damages in Transit. While utmost care is taken to pack and ship the plants, we assume no liability for damages arising to plants on account of delay or bad handling by shipping / courier agency. Courier delays / damages are beyond our control. We will not issue a refund for loss arising due to courier agency. However, if the matter is brought to our notice immediately on receipt of parcel along with pictures, we might consider free replacement of plants on case to case basis subject to: –
      • Timely report of damage along with pictures.
      • We should have similar plants available.If not, then we may offer plants from similar category of equivalent value. We will try and give a choice to the customer.
      • If we consider that the damaged plant can be revived and can be used for plant breeding, we may ask for the plant to be shipped back to us before we offer a replacement.
    • Shipping time
      • Time taken to dispatch. On confirmation of an order we usually ship within 6 to 8 days. Some plants like cactus and succulents need to be dried out first for safe transit. This process takes 2 days. Sometimes if there is a long weekend or 2 or 3 consecutive holidays we may postpone the shipping to after the holidays so that the parcels are not held up enroute due to holidays. We ship on clear sunny days. In case of bad weather like heavy rain and high humidity the shipping is likely to be delayed as cartons may get soggy and weak and also humidity may rot the plants.
      • Transit duration.
        • Plants. Charges for shipping have been calculated zone wise. Where ever there is By Air service by carrier, Plants will be shipped by Air service. Usually plants are delivered on the third / fourth day after shipping except for East where it takes 7 working days as plants till Guwahati are sent by Air but thereafter they are shipped by surface transport.
        • Media. (Pertains to Media if ordered). Charges for shipping of media have been calculated for transportation by surface courier. Delivery is within 10 days after shipping.
  • Nomenclature of plants: The names of plants especially cacti and succulents are usually under revision from time to time and also many synonyms are present for the same plant. We try our best to be accurate on the nomenclature but it is not possible to keep abreast with the changes. Addition of natural and manmade hybrids also leads to more confusion in terminology. So it is advisable to please see the picture carefully given with the item for sale and then make up your mind to place the order or not. We have provided a pic for every item. We do not certify the accuracy of naming of plants and will not be held responsible on account of errors in naming. However, you are most welcome to point out any error if noticed. We will be very grateful for that.
  • Size: Either the size of pot will be mentioned in the description or an object for reference is placed with one of the picture of items for sale. This is so that the buyer can make an informed decision to opt to buy the plant. In case some pictures are for reference then the same will be mentioned and the size of plant / age will be specified in the description. Since plants cannot be identical we will try and give you the plant of nearly the same size as shown in the picture. Though some percentage of variation with the picture depicted should be accepted by buyer.
  • In what state are plants shipped? Shipping of all plants is bare root, without media and without pot in the safest way possible. In case the plant is likely to dehydrate in transit then adequate measures are taken to ensure safe delivery. Where we think that supply of media is essential, we supply the media along with the plant as in case of carnivorous plants.
  • Disputes: Well we don’t believe in disputes as everything can be resolved over a cup of coffee. Yet should there be any, you are welcome to have a cup of coffee with us at Chandigarh and visit our nursery too. OK, legally speaking: – Disputes, if any, will be Subject to Chandigarh jurisdiction only.
  • Prices/ Rates : Well, we will try and keep the prices under tight control in spite of inflation, but if the shoe pinches hard we might be forced to vary the prices anytime.
  • Ok, now you have read the terms and conditions, go ahead and place the order and we will try and make it a pleasant experience for you so that you are back with us again and again …….


Our Products are live products. They can just about withstand the stress of uprooting, packing and shipping one way. If they are to be shipped back , that too after a period of indecision or preparation / procurement of packing material, they will most certainly die. However, if there is a possible error in  dispatch or mismatch error, please feel free to write to us and we will resolve it amicably.

We will do our best to give a professional service and fulfill your order, however you are requested to carefully select your plants and read every detail provided before placing your order so that there is no ambiguity.

As such there is NO RETURN POLICY.

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